Help us support Retired Working Dogs NZ

Retired Working Dogs NZ was established in 2012 by Natalie Smith. There are a huge number of dogs that can no longer work on sheep and beef farms throughout New Zealand. Unable to work, these dogs need homes elsewhere. Retired Working Dogs NZ aims to find forever homes for these ex working dogs.

There are various reasons a working dog may be retired. As the word ‘retired’ suggests, some of these dogs are too old for the labour intensive work on the farm. But these animals still have plenty of years left in them – just at a slower pace of life. Other dogs may have suffered career ending injuries. Many of these dogs have been referred to Retired Working Dogs NZ from vet clinics. These dogs enter into a foster program where they can receive the medical attention they need before being rehomed. However, not all retired dogs are old or injured. Many young pups also come to the charity who couldn’t or wouldn’t work on farms.

Ex working dogs make great pets; they know basic commands and can be easily trained. Some of these animals would also thrive on smaller farms and lifestyle blocks.

Retired Working Dogs NZ is still quite a new charity, but very quickly growing. Whether you have a dog that needs re-homing or thinking of adopting, Retired Working Dogs NZ can help you. But more importantly, help the gorgeous dogs.