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Pet Refuge New Zealand will provide temporary shelter for pets affected by domestic
violence, keeping them safe while their owners escape abuse. Cruelty to animals is common in domestic violence. People who use violence will often threaten, injure and even kill a pet to control family members. Animal abuse can be a significant barrier to victims leaving violence as most cant take their pets with them when seeking refuge.

The 2018 Women’s Refuge survey of women whose pets were abused as part of domestic violence found:
23% had an animal killed by their partner.
53% delayed leaving out of fear for their pet’s safety.
73% would have found it easier to leave if there was a shelter offering temporary accommodation.

Pet Refuge will offer a nationwide service solely dedicated to housing the pets of women, men and children affected by domestic violence. Pet Refuge has partnered with Womens Refuge to assist pets via referrals.

Removing one barrier to leaving abuse. Dogs, cats and smaller animals will be transported from around New
Zealand to our shelter. The shelter will be located rurally in the Auckland area, and has been designed to be a safe haven where pets can recover from abuse. We are also building a network of safe farms across New Zealand to assist people who have larger pets such as horses or other farm animals.

The pets we will assist are not unwanted, they are very much loved by their owners who want to keep them safe while they escape
abuse. Pet Refuge will act as the guardians of these pets, keeping them safe for as long as is needed until they can be reunited with their owners. We believe no one should have to live with violence. Our shelter will ensure pet owners know their animals are safe while they start a new life free from violence.

When a pet can escape abuse, so can a family.

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Ph:09 9750850